My name is Zachary Olds and I am a 27 year old photographer from the Metro Detroit area. I grew up around skateboarding ever since I was 8 and it was what kind of sparked my interest in photography. In 2009 I moved to Arizona, which was when I got my first camera to send pictures home to my friends and family. That was when I started seeing things in a whole new world. I then started taking pictures of all of my friends skateboarding, and thats when I got really hooked. The idea of capturing shots at the exact moment I wanted when seeing others do tricks was a challenge, and one I fell in love with.

I have been taking photos for about 8 years now, and taking them professionally for around 6 years. I primarily focus my photography on landscapes, wildlife, and action sports such as skateboarding and snowboarding. Outside of those specific areas, I do a lot of work with portraiture photography, weddings, concerts, and nightlife party events. I have a lot of experience shooting sports events such as hockey, basketball, and MMA fighting. I also worked at The Detroit Zoo as a supervisor of the photography operations that were run there, giving me a lot of opportunities to capture wildlife shots.

My primary goal is to show people the world in a way they don't normally see it. I want them to see things that they see every day. But in a way that they truly take notice to them, and not just pass them by. I want to portray my life and the things I see every day, so other people can get a glimpse of just how beautiful things are if you just open your eyes and take a look. It seems like a lot of people take the little things for granted, and I feel like my photos gives people a reason to appreciate those small details. So I thank you for visiting my page. I really hope you enjoy my work, and the perspective of what I see. 

If you have any inquiries about a job, prints, or photoshoots feel free to contact me via email, facebook message, or  phone call to the number listed below. Thanks!

-Zachary Olds

Contact info :

Phone - 734-626-2101

Email -

Facebook -

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